What is ezeelogin?

Its a linux server management and an ssh jump server software that lets you administer and manage multiple linux server.

Is it a hosted solution?

No, Ezeelogin is not a hosted solution. You are in control here. You would have to install the software on your server that you intend to use as the ssh gateway, hence better security.

Where is my data stored?

The server details are stored in mysql databases on your servers only. We do not store any information but the license information only.

What are the security measures to ensure data security?

Lot of encryption technologies are used to ensure that critical information are never revealed.

Why is ezeelogin the most secure gateway?

Can the software be compromised?

We had made use of military grade technologies so compromising it is almost impossible. We had made it hard to decipher the critical data even if your Ezeelogin server is rooted.

What are the details transmitted to the license server? What is the size of data transmitted?

There are no information transferred to the ezeelogin license servers. Only the license data is fetched from the license servers. The size of the license data would be less than 10Kb.

What are the encryption technologies used to secure my data?

We have made use of the latest cipher and encryption technologies available in the industry today to ensure data security

What are the outbound ports that needs to be opened for fetching the license?

Only port 80 traffic needs to opened to license.ezeelogin.com

How does the license upgrade work?

Is the software upgrade seamless from free to paid? Do i have to reinstall?

Yes the upgrade would be seamless. You do not have to reinstall.

What is the difference between free, trial and owned licenses?

Free - You can manage 5 servers free of cost. You would have to manually renew the license every month.
Trial - You can manage unlimited server free of cost for 30 days only after which you would have to upgrade to paid to continue using it.
Owned - Its one time purchase and you can managed unlimited servers for unlimited time.

I have a free 5 server and would like to upgrade to 6 servers. Do i have to pay for the extra 1 server or do i have to pay for 6 servers?

Yes 5 servers would be free. 6 servers would cost you 6*$2=$12/month.

Will i be locked out if i loose connectivity to the license server or if the Ezeelogin license servers goes down?

No, the license would be cached for 3 days on your machine and also the license servers is redundant.

Will i be locked out of my servers if my ezeelogin hosted server goes down ?

We would advise you setup a failover slave node and have an offshore backup ready so that you can easily restore the backup and get rolling in less than 30 minutes.