How secure is Ezeelogin software? Where are my servers' data stored? How secure is it?

The software is built on SSH (Secure SHell) protocol so it already has all the security features that comes with it.

The software is installed on YOUR server and it is NOT a hosted solution. All server information would be stored encrypted in the mysql database on YOUR server. The only outbound traffic would be to fetch the license from on port 80 which is less than 80KB of traffic.

2 factor authentication (Google Authenticator / Yubikey) is available for the web interface as well as for the SSH interface. This is useful when your employees telecommute to work or when you outsource technical support. This would ensure that acc ess to your servers are secure when you cannot ensure the the security of your techs desktop. So OTP (one time password) brings an additional layer of security.

The private keys used to access other servers are encrypted using 4096 bit RSA encryption.

Critical server information like root passwords are kept encrypted in the database using asysmteric key encryption (AES).

SSH User password and security codes are hashed using CRYPT (SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH, DES algortithms) in the database. So even in the unlikely scenario of the gateway server being rooted, there is no way the hacker could get access to all o ther servers. So all the other servers would still be secured.

There is no key based access between servers and hence any one server being compromised won’t affect any other server.

Encryption Technologies used in Ezeelogin

  • CRYPT (SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH, DES algorithms) hashing used for encrypting user password and security codes in the database.
  • SSH private keys use 4096 bits RSA encryption.
  • The UNIX System User passwords uses CRYPT.
  • RSA keys used for securing root password and other critical information stored in the database.
  • The users ssh logs that are stored encrypted on the server for security. The encryption type used is the RC4 which is recognized as the most commonly utilized stream cipher in the world of cryptography.

How does Ezeelogin improve the security of my Linux servers? Why is Ezeelogin the most secure ssh gateway available?

  • SSH user passwords and security codes are hashed using CRYPT(SHA512, SHA256, BLOWFISH, DES algortithms). So even in the unlikely scenario of the gateway server being rooted, access to all other servers would still be secure.
  • Two factor authentication for the SSH interface and the web frontend.
  • Access control to grant/deny SSH access to servers for individual users.
  • SSH logs including input and output of every key pressed or command executed on the server including a live streaming of what your sys-admin is doing on your server.
  • Automated root password reset and password management.
  • Automated switch user support so that would not have manually execute su - and type in the password. This greatly increases security when direct root logins are disabled on your Linux server.
  • Reset the root password on your Linux server when your staff leaves the company at the click of a button.
  • Command guard filters to prevent accidental executions of command like rm -rf /. Create any number of command filters using regular expressions.