What is ezeelogin?

Secure and Quick SSH access to multiple linux servers

It is an ssh gateway or jump gateway to access your other Linux servers. In addition to being a central server for login to other servers via ssh, it has features like parallel shell, root password management, ssh user management and access control...

Why do i need Ezeelogin ?

Secure and administer multiple linux servers

You have at least a few servers, and a few techs for administration of those servers. You may want to setup an SSH gateway server to which your techs can login via ssh and then login to any of your other servers. You may setup SSH keys for login...

How does it improve security of Linux servers you manage?

Military grade security technologies

Security is of paramount importance. Lot of thoughts and design implementation has gone into making it one of the most secure software. We had made sure that your servers are not compromised even if your jump gateway is rooted.

Access your server information quickly

Server information at your fingertips

You can now access server details such as root password, server ip,SSH port number, hardware information such as cpu, ram, motherboard, hardrive, raid , Rack id,data center details, kvm information with a single key press...

Parallel Shell

Execute commands on multiple linux servers

Parallel shell allows quick and easy execution of commands on multiple linux servers of your choice simultaneously.This would save you lot of costly system administration hours. Now run commands on multiple linux servers with the ease and speed of doing on one server...

Monitor your Staff actions on servers

Easily Monitor your staff activities in SSH

Key logging and full session logging of ssh sessions. You can view these sessions live in the web panel or go through later at your convenience. This would be a very useful feature if you want to monitor the activities to the last key press of your inhouse/outsourced support techs/admins...