What is Ezeelogin?

It is a secure ssh gateway software that helps you configure your own custom linux based ssh jump host. The ssh jump server would be the centralised gateway through which all your system administrators and technical support staff would access your Linux production servers via ssh. The ssh gateway software comes with tons of security features and automations features like parallel shell, password management, two factor authentication, ssh user management and access control, ssh user log recording, 2FA , much more, which would help you manage and administrate hundreds of Linux servers securely and thus saves any company thousands of dollars in security and costly sys-admin hours.

What is an SSH gateway?

It is a secure intermediary server where all your techs and system administrators would login in first viassh and then would logon to the target servers.SSH keys(RSA/DSA)would be added on thisserver so that the users would be able to easily access the target servers. The purpose of having the jump gateway is to improve security and consolidate ssh user activities to a single point hence better security and accountability.

Is it a Hosted Application ?

No, Ezeelogin is not a hosted application. The software needs to be installed on your Linux/Freebsdbased gateway server.

Great! What are the benefits?

It would save you thousands of costly system administration hours annually when managing multiple servers.
Better management of ssh users and their ssh access to servers.
Improved security for server when you are outsourcing support, hence better accountability.
Organize, manage and administer servers efficiently.
Provide faster and better support for your end customers..
Time and money saving.