Why do you need Ezeelogin to manage multiple Linux servers ?

Ezeelogin simply doubles the efficiency when you have multiple Linux servers to manage and multiple sys-admins to to administrate the servers. It would improve security of the multiple Linux servers that you manage and it would save thousands of costly system administration hours. Your team of system administrators and technical support staff would be able to deliver a faster support service and thus enable you to keep your customers happy. The software would help you get the best out of your technical support staff and would enable you to make the best use of their costly system administration hours. The time and money savings would increase each time you add a server or each time you add a staff to manage your Linux server. Start saving thousands of dollars annually managing multiple servers today.

Why should you use Ezeelogin for your ssh gateway ?

  • Manage multiple Linux servers with less staff. Save thousands of costly hours.
  • Easy management of staff access to multiple Linux servers.
  • Easy management and administration of thousands of Linux servers,vps and hardware resources.
  • SSH interface to locate and login to your Linux servers via ssh in minimal time.

  • Retrieve Linux server details such as Rack Id, Datacenter Info, root password, rack information very quickly with a single key press.
  • SSH User access control system to maintain staff ssh access to multiple Linux servers. Easily grant and deny ssh access to your Linux servers.
  • Easily Watch,Record,Monitor,Log and Track all your staff activities in ssh on Linux servers to see what was done on the servers. This is mandatory for PCI compliance.
  • Google & Yubikey Two factor authentication support for your staff in ssh for improved security for your Linux servers.
  • Parallel shell allows quick and simultaneous execution of commands on multiple servers of your choice. Now work on multiple Linux servers as you would work on a single Linux machine.
  • Parallel Copy for copying files to multiple Linux servers.
  • Access control panels, datacenter portals and other online webportals at the click of your mouse.
  • Set secure root password on Linux servers in seconds.
  • Automated switch user(su) login that would improve security without the hassles of remembering the passwords
  • Command line filter to prevent accidental execution of commands like rm -rf / and much more using regular expression.
  • Clustered Master/Slave setup for failover so that you can always access your Linux servers.