Interview With Safety Detective on the future of Cybersecurity.

Interview with Safety Detective on Cybersecurity.

Bachchan James, Director and Founder here at Ezeelogin, was interviewed by Safety Detective. They talked about how Ezeelogin got started, the biggest cybersecurity threats facing enterprises today, and the impact COVID-19 is having on the cybersecurity industry.
“Any business that has a couple of servers or looking to meet various security compliance would love to use our jump server solution.” – Bachchan James

You can read the full interview at Safety Detectives.

Ezeelogin Jump Server Conferred 2 IT Management Software Badges by Popular Platform for Software Reviews

FinancesOnline, one of the most popular independent review platforms for business software solutions, has recently recognized Ezeelogin Jump Host Server with two industry recognitions: Premium Usability and Rising Star awards for 2019. These awards were given after their software experts evaluated the top players under its IT security software space.


Recording a 100% user satisfaction rating, Ezeelogin SSH Jump Server continues to delight companies globally to achieve strict security compliance. Additionally, in FinancesOnline’s account tackling what is Ezeelogin SSH Jump Server, the software experts described the Linux server management platform as a feature-packed solution that simplifies Linux server access while ensuring security through various access management settings.


Other aspects and unique specifications taken into account by the FinancesOnline review team include the following:


  • Its capability to reduce administration costs,
  • “Intuitive” and “lightning-fast interface,”
  • Full infrastructure control on a single server, and
  • Easy compliance with prevailing security standards through multi-factor authentications.


We are proud to be recommended by one of the most reputed business software directories as a reliable Linux server management software for IT management companies, and we hope to continue delighting more customers like you in 2019 and beyond.


Make a worthwhile investment by simplifying your security compliance and get access to the right set of tools that can flex your IT manager skills by using the award-winning Ezeelogin SSH Jump Server today!