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How to enforce 2 Factor Authentication on user login?
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Enable the following settings to Enforce 2FAon user ssh login as well as for the web interface. This will prompt the ssh gateway user to set two factor authentication before going ahead and is a recommended security setting.   Enable the different... Read More
Access Keyword 2FA explained
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Access keywords is a two factor mechanism used for securing the GUI and the ssh backend . Ideally, it would be phrases that can be easily remembered. They should never be written down and should be stored only in your memory. Example of phrases that... Read More
How can a user can set or reset Google 2fa in GUI?
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Set or reset Google 2Factor Authentication for the web panel or the ssh shell. Users can login into the web interface and go to Account->Google Authenticator->set  To reset it you can do by Account->Google Authenticator->reset. The... Read More