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Add windows server for rdp via browser

Add windows server into Ezeelogin GUI for one-click RDP via the web browser.   Recording RDP session feature is available from Ezeelogin version 7.10.0   Ensure that the desktop browser has enough CPU( 2GHZ) and RAM( 2- 4 GB ). Close out... Read More

Forcing RDP to use TLS Encryption

Forcing RDP to use TLS Encryption Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is widely used by system administrators to provide remote operators access to internal systems and servers. In a shocking oversight, this connection does not use strong... Read More

record rdp session

Record RDP sessions Enable RDP Recording from Ezeelogin Gui > Settings > General  Settings > Security > RDP Recording   Click on the RDP Recording button on the left menu and you will be provided with an interface to view  and search... Read More


If you get the error " Connection has been closed. Another user may have logged in on the remote windows machine"  while doing RDP into the remote windows server, then 'right click'->'inspect'-> click Console  tab as show... Read More

Is it possible to stop recording of user activity logs?

Is it possible to stop recording of user activity logs? No, it is not possible to stop the Web Activity, Shell Activity, Server Activity but you can stop the user's SSH log recording, RDP recording and Web Proxy Logging. You can disable SSH... Read More

Functions in webactivity logs

The different functions of the webactivity log for the user tab are shown below: 1. Users     Users>Index When you click on the user tab, it will show the below log.     Users>add When a new user is added to Ezeelogin.      Users... Read More

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