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Access Control Explained

Access Control in Ezeelogin Explained   UserGroup to ServerGroup Enable or disable access to a group of servers (ServerGroups) for a group of users or in other words regulate access of user groups to server groups. Select User group Use the... Read More

Issue with Log Retain Duration

Log Retain Duration is not working If the Log Retain duration is not working you need to check the following:- 1. Check if you have set a cronjob for the root user to run daily or once a week so that log files stored on the server in the directory ( ... Read More

How to find detailed Web Activity Log in Ezeelogin?

The " Web Activity" log  records  the functions/operations performed by a user under various  sections or tabs  in the web gui. The recordings can later  be retrieved based on the date & time  for forensic or compliance( PCI DSS, ISO IS0... Read More

Is it possible to stop recording of user activity logs?

Is it possible to stop recording of user activity logs? No, it is not possible to stop the Web Activity, Shell Activity, Server Activity but you can stop the user's SSH log recording, RDP recording and Web Proxy Logging. You can disable SSH... Read More

Functions in webactivity logs

The different functions of the webactivity log for the user tab are shown below: 1. Users     Users>Index When you click on the user tab, it will show the below log.     Users>add When a new user is added to Ezeelogin.      Users... Read More

Getting Started with Ezeelogin Jump Server

1.Ezeelogin GUI/ Web interface Login  Go to the Ezeelogin web panel installed URL (configured during install) using your web browser. Use the admin username and password that you provided during Ezeelogin installation to login to... Read More

How to truncate the ssh session logs recorded

SSH Log Rotation | Prune SSH logs recorded |  In order to prevent a full disk its is important to prune the ssh log files regularly.  It is possible to auto-delete logs when the log size exceeds a limit. Navigate to Settings->Security-... Read More

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