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Functions in webactivity logs

The different functions of the webactivity log for the user tab are shown below: 1. Users     Users>Index When you click on the user tab, it will show the below log.     Users>add When a new user is added to Ezeelogin.      Users... Read More

Getting Started with Ezeelogin Jump Server

1.Ezeelogin GUI/ Web interface Login  Go to the Ezeelogin web panel installed URL (configured during install) using your web browser. Use the admin username and password that you provided during Ezeelogin installation to login to... Read More

How to truncate the ssh session logs recorded

SSH Log Rotation | Prune SSH logs recorded |  In order to prevent a full disk its is important to prune the ssh log files regularly.  It is possible to auto-delete logs when the log size exceeds a limit. Navigate to Settings->Security-... Read More

Integrate Ezeelogin SSH Jump host with ELK for SIEM

Integrating Ezeelogin SSH gateway with ELK stack for SIEM In the example below, we would be installing ElasticSearch and Kibana on the monitoring server [ ( Centos 7 OS)] and the Logstash daemon on the Ezeelogin Jumphost server. ... Read More

How to install and configure Eztunnel?

                                                                     How to install and configure Eztunnel? Follow the instruction to install and configuration Eztunnel software Eztunneld Server : a. On the... Read More

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