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Integrate Ezeelogin SSH Jump host with ELK for SIEM

Integrating Ezeelogin SSH gateway with ELK stack for SIEM In the example below, we would be installing ElasticSearch and Kibana on the monitoring server [ ( Centos 7 OS)] and the Logstash daemon on the Ezeelogin Jumphost server. ... Read More

How to import servers from a file into Ezeelogin ssh gateway?

1. To import a list of servers from a CSV file, click on the import tab on the left then the choose the CSV file and click upload.  2. Once you click upload, the csv file would be parsed and if the format is correct, then the import button would... Read More

Upgrade Ezeelogin Jump server to the latest version

Upgrade Ezeelogin jump server on Primary / Master Node If you are running Version 5.x.x, you would first need to upgrade to Version 6.0.x before upgrading to Version 7.0.x. To upgrade to Version 6.0.x, download 6.0.0 and upgrade to Version 6.0.0... Read More

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