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Jump server ip to be licensed?

To find out the ip of your jump server for which the license needs to be purchased, execute the following command on your ssh jump server designate wget -qO- Execute the above command on the SSH gateway server... Read More

Jump server user password expired

Gateway SSH User password expired If you are getting the below message when logging into the GUI, then it's time for you to reset the password for the ssh gateway user and go ahead with the  login. This is a security feature as it is... Read More

configure ssh-tunnel on jump server or bastion host

how to configure ssh-tunnel on ezeelogin  jump server or bastion host   SSH tunneling  (also called port forwarding) feature allow you to forward port through the jump server securely.   1. Login to your jump server or... Read More

setup and configure ssh jump server


   How to install, setup & configure  SSH Jump server on a Linux box ?   FREE 24/7 INSTALLATION & DEMO  BY SUPPORT TEAM We can guide you or install & configure Ezeelogin SSH Jump server software for you and give you a demo on... Read More

add amazon ec2 in jump server or aws jumpbox

How to add amazon ec2 instance in ezeelogin jump server or bastion host ?  1. Get the private Key from amazon ec2 instance           You can download the key while creating an amazon instance .You will not able to... Read More

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