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Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service

Could not setup Ezeelogin Web SSH service     1. Make sure that "SELINUX" is disabled.     you can check it by the following command  getenforce/sestatus        Configure  SELINUX=disabled ... Read More

setup web ssh console in ezeelogin and ssh via browser

WEB SSH Console is  available within the GUI  from Ezeelogin 7.4.1 and above only. This feature lets you ssh using browser and does not need a ssh terminal.   White list your ip address from which you are accessing ,as certain firewall programs... Read More

"Blank page" error in webssh console

" Blank page." error in web ssh console    Reset the password of user  you have to reset the password of the user after upgrading to ezeelogin 7.4.0 Read More

How to use web portal proxy in ezeelogin ?

How to enable web portal with the " use proxy " feature in Ezeelogin? This feature enables the users to use the Ezeelogin gateway server itself as the proxy server while accessing the web portal.   Install nodejs   using npm and n module ... Read More

SAML Authentication in EZSH shell

How does the SAML user login to the EZSH shell? Note: SAML is an authentication mechanism for web applications. It’s based on web protocols and it cannot be used for user authentication over SSH. First login to the Ezeelogin GUI using SAML... Read More

Getting Started with Ezeelogin Jump Server

1.Ezeelogin GUI/ Web interface Login  Go to the Ezeelogin web panel installed URL (configured during install) using your web browser. Use the admin username and password that you provided during Ezeelogin installation to login to... Read More

How to find detailed Web Activity Log in Ezeelogin?

The " Web Activity" log  records  the functions/operations performed by a user under various  sections or tabs  in the web gui. The recordings can later  be retrieved based on the date & time  for forensic or compliance( PCI DSS, ISO IS0... Read More

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