Add Control panel

To add a new control panel, click the on the right menu.

Enter the control panel details.

  • Name Give a name for the control panel.
  • Description - Give a description for the control panel.
  • Port - Specify the port on which the control panel listens.
  • Protocol - Select the protocol expected by the control panel on the specified port. For example: WHM uses HTTPS (secure) on port 2087 and HTTP (insecure) on port 2086.
  • Request URI - The REQUEST_URI to the control panel login page. For example, if you submit login information to a URL like “” for login to your control panel, enter ”/cplogin/” (The part after your domain and port in the URL) here.
  • Request method - Select the request method supported by the control panel. For example, if you can login directly to your control panel using a URL such as “”, then you can select “GET” method. Only this method lets you show the control panel login URL in the Ezeelogin shell. “POST” method is used by most control panels. In this case, you can access the control panel only via Ezeelogin web panel server list.
  • Username field - Specify the parameter name in which the control panel expects to receive the username. For example, in the case when control panel login URL is like “”, the parameter name is “user”.
  • Username - The username that should be provided to the control panel in the above mentioned parameter. In the above example it is “root”. For example, WHM expects “root” whereas Plesk expects “admin” as username.
  • Password field - Specify the parameter name in which the control panel expects to receive the password. In the above example URL, the parameter name is “pass”. The password that is set for a server will be provided to the control panel in the parameter name provided here.
  • Extra variables - If any additional parameters and values need to be passed to the control panel, specify them here. For example, foo=abc&bar=xyz will submit “abc” in parameter named “foo” and “xyz” in parameter named “bar”. This is optional.
  • Auth Type: Basic Enable it if the authentication type is HTTP basic auth

Click to add the new control panel settings.

To edit a control panel, click to open up the Edit Control panel forms. Make the changes and save it. Use on the right menu to delete.