Import webportals

Use this to import multiple web portals into ezeelogin from a ASCII text file. This feature can be used to add hundreds of web portals from a csv files created in a specific format.

Upload CSV file   Select the csv file that contains the list of web portals that has to be imported.

Field separator   Specify the separator that is used to delimit parameters of a server. By default its the "," character. Any character can be used as delimiter, but make sure that character doesn't appear anywhere in any of the fields (particularly check password, description, form submit script and other text fields). The example below uses ',' (comma character) as delimiter.

Enter the delimiter in the specified field and click on . Ezeelogin will upload the file and parse it. It will display a preview of the parsed information so that you can check for any errors.

Verify that all information have been parsed correctly into the corresponding fields. Click on the button to complete the import. Finally the status of the import will be displayed.

Click on the Import button to import the portals  from the csv file into the Ezeelogin

The file to be imported  should be ASCII csv file with csv header.




The fields: extension_login and basic_auth can be either 'Y' (enable) or 'N' (disable). Only name is mandatory field. For portalgroup and private_user use the corresponding names.