For example, if you downloaded the package ezlogin_7.21.0.bin

chmod 755 ezlogin_7.21.0.bin


After you agree to the EULA, it will ask you a few questions regarding some settings, where you want to install the files etc. Defaults will be mentioned in brackets and simply pressing ”Enter” key will use the default value. Please read the on-screen instructions carefully before specifying a different value for a setting.


Optionally, you may pass these settings to the script as parameters. To pass parameters to the install script you must append a ” -- ” (including spaces, excluding quotes) after the package name, followed by the parameters. For example:

./ezlogin_7.21.0.bin -- -help

will give you the list of supported parameters.

If you want to just use default and auto-generated values for settings without being asked, you can just specify the ”-auto” parameter like:

./ezlogin_7.21.0.bin -- -auto

Ezeelogin installer generates a new SSH key pair that will be used to login to servers. If you need to use an existing SSH key pair, specify the path to the SSH private key using the "--sshkey" parameter:

./ezlogin_7.21.0.bin -- -sshkey /root/.ssh/id_rsa

If the above key has a pass phrase, specify that as well with the "--sshkeypass" parameter:

./ezlogin_7.21.0.bin -- -sshkey /root/.ssh/id_rsa --sshkeypass 'mykeypass'

When the Ezeelogin package is executed, it will display errors if any. At the end, it will display a summary of the errors encountered. If any errors are displayed, check the install log /var/log/ezeelogin_install.log and try to fix the problem. You may also try uninstalling Ezeelogin and installing it again.

If the problem cannot be fixed or if you need any assistance, please open a ticket helpdesk and provide the contents of the install log.

PS: If you need free setup or assistance, please open a ticket in helpdesk