Enable users to set custom preferences.

  • History size Set the history size for parallel shell and virtual shell. This many commands will be kept in parallel/virtual shell command history.
  • Default menu mode Set the menu mode which should be pre-selected when user login to Ezeelogin shell. Set this to the menu mode you most frequently use to save time.
  • Terminal emulation Set the terminal emulation to be used for the ssh session.
  • Preferred autologin  In the webpanel , when a server is searched for with  ajax enabled, a subsequent enter key press would either login automatically into the control panel or the datacenter. Use this option to choose the default portal it would login into when both the control panel and datacenter login is enabled.
  • Webpanel search box position Set the position of search box, page links and add buttons.

  • Skip group menu   This would skip the default server group menu that a user would see on logging into ezsh and instead would see the list of servers from the server group set in Go to group.  Enabling  this option activates the Go to group option and would be able to select the default server group to go directly when the user logs in to Ezeelogin shell. This can be used to save server login time.
  • Web panel side bar Enable / disable the side menu in web panel.
  • Enable Ajax Use this for highly interactive webpanel interface. Make sure to enable json support in php.
  • Show custom fields in ezeelogin shell Show custom server field in ezeelogin shell.
  • Extension Id Extension id is for message passing.

     Initially you have to download chrome extension from add/edit page of the web portal and extract that zip file. Open "chrome://extensions/" in your chrome browser and enable developer mode. Click load unpacked extension and browse the extracted folder "Ezlogin_Chrome". After enabling the extension in chrome you can see an ezeelogin icon. Click on that ezeelogin icon, then you can see a popup window with an extension id. Copy that extension id of that window and paste it in this text box.