Resetting root passwords on single/selected or all servers.

Ezeelogin lets you easily reset the root passwords on a single/selected/All servers  at the click of a mouse. This would help you improve security and help you maintain long and complex passwords.

  • Select the server whose root password needs to be reset and click   on the right menu. For resetting password on All servers at one go click on .

The password reset progress would be displayed as follows.  If password change for any server fails a ? appears in the corresponding status column. Hover your mouse pointer over the ? for more details on the failure. It may be due to Keep my password enabled for the server, or  SSH disabled for the server, invalid  password stored in ezeelogin database, server inaccessible at that time due to network outage or other reasons.


  • Make sure password management is set to automatic on the server for this to work.
  • Make sure SSH is enabled on the server for this feature to work.
  • On server enabled with Auto SU the root password would not be reset instead the password of the intermediary user is reset.