Add custom server field to your server edit form and store more information about your server in organized way. Click on this icon to add a new custom server field or to delete a custom server field.

  • Name  A name for the custom server field
  • Description Brief description on the custom server field
  • Type  Type of the custom server field added.
  • Encrypted   Shows if the information stored in the field would be encrypted or not.
  • Sort order The order number determines the position of the field in the server edit page. Lower values would be
  • Actions To add or delete custom fields.

Add/Edit Custom ServerFields

  • Click on the edit button  to edit the custom Server Fields. To add a new ServerField click and to delete

The new field added would show up when you add or edit a server. You can add any number of custom servers fields this way.The new field named 'Cage' would show up when you add or edit a new server.

Note: If you delete the custom fields that was added, the field including  the data would be removed from all servers.