To view the servers, click on the Servers tab

  • Name  The hostname of the server. (Click tab for sorting.)
  • IP Address  The ip address of the server. (Click tab for sorting.)
  • Server Group The group to which the server belongs. (Click tab for sorting.)
  • SSH Port The port on which the SSH daemon listens on the server. (Click tab for sorting.)
  • Description Brief description on the server. (Click tab for sorting.)
  • Action Contain operators for various server operations (icons from left to right

    • Edit Lets you edit all info pertaining to the server. 
    • Control panel login    Used for passwordless control panel access of various panels like Cpanel,Plesk,Webmin etc.(Icon Visible only if its enabled).

For Cpanel/WHM auto-login with redirect, pass the parameter to the control panel URL like

The above example will take you directly into the Cpanel of the specified user. This feature only works for Cpanel/WHM control panel.

    • Datacenter Login Used for passwordless access to Datacenter portal where the server is managed.(Visible only if  its enabled). (highlighted in Indigo bubble)
    • WHM Functions List available WHM functions/actions.
    • IPMI Login Used for passwordless access to IPMI portal.(visiable only if  its enabled).
    • RDP Login Login to windows servers using RDP via browser.(visibile only if RDP is enabled).

  • Find  Lets you search for servers based on various parameters such as hostname,ip-address,ssh port, Description.

  • Click on the “View” icon to view the server details.

Note: Some action icons may not be visible depending on the server configuration and the user access permission.