Sub SSH Users

This feature lets you create a non privileged users accross servers and then force your jump servers users to be login with non privileged user. Lets see how its done. Create system users  on all remote servers which would allow a ssh gateway User to login via ssh into the remote server as a system user only or as determined by mapping set using  Sub SSH Users Maps functionality.

For example, you could have a system user called ‘admin’ created and if you have a ssh gateway user called ‘John’ , then you can enforce that the ssh  gateway User ‘John’ would always login into the remote server “”  as system user ‘admin’ alone.

To view sub ssh users, click on the Sub SSH Users tab 

  • Username  The Unix System User name to be created on all remote servers. The system user would be added with a bash shell, 15 char long password and, 4096 Bit RSA Key.
  • Groups   The Unix system User groups that the sub ssh system User belongs to on the remote server.
  • Type       There are two types of sub ssh users, Managed Sub SSH User and Unmanged Sub SSH User. Managed means that the sub ssh users would be created automatically across the remote servers. Unmanaged means the sub ssh users would have to be created manually. The unmanaged sub ssh users would be useful if you already have an existing systems such as LDAP or Ansible or anyother automatins  in place to manage the remote sub ssh users.
  • Actions Contain operators for deleting remote sub SSH User that was created and also to edit unamanaged sub ssh user only.

  • Find  Lets you search for ssh users based on ssh user name.