• Get the update package

Login to www.ezeelogin.com. In your accounts section, click on the “Download” link corresponding to your licensed IP and desired version under ”Software updates”. Save the file and upload it to the SSH gateway server where Ezeelogin is installed.

  • Backup (optional)

It is recommended that you take a backup.

  • Update

Note: This may change in next release. Please see latest documentation online.

First logout of Ezeelogin completely (from web panel as well as Ezeelogin shell). Make sure no more ezeelogin shell is running on the server (ps aux | grep ezeelogin).

Upload the Ezeelogin update package to your SSH gateway server. Login to your SSH gateway server as root. Now, just chmod the Ezeelogin update package and execute it.

For example, if you downloaded the trial update package ezeelogin_update_v5.0.0_b1.bin

chmod 755 ezlogin_7.0.0.bin

./ezlogin_7.0.0.bin -- -update

When the Ezeelogin update package is executed, it will display errors if any. At the end, it will display a summary of the errors encountered. If any errors are displayed, check the update log /var/log/ezlogin_update.log and try to fix the problem.

If the problem cannot be fixed or if you need any assistance, please open a ticket in our helpdesk or email support@ezeelogin.com and provide the contents of the update log.

PS: If you need free update assistance, please open a ticket in  helpdesk or email  support@ezeelogin.com