The web panel activity log lists what sections and functions each user accessed in the web panel and the dates & time. You can search based on user, section and date range.

  • User The ezeelogin gateway user whose Ezeelgoin webinterface activity needs to be viewed.
  • Section
    • Servers  Refers to the Servers section in the webpanel.
    • Users Refers to the Users section in the webpanel.
    • Access Control Refers to the Access Control section in webpanel.
    • Settings Refers to the Settings section in webpanel.
    • CGM Refers to the CGM section in webpanel.
    • Account Refers to the Account section in webpanel.
    • License Refers to the License section in webpanel
    • Help Refers to the help section in webpanel.
    • All Refers to all the sections.
  • From The start date from which the logs has to be searched
  • To  The end date of the logs to be searched.
  • Clear all Click on   to delete  all webpanel activity logs.