Ezeelogin - Secure,Organize,& Manage your Linux servers and Cloud instances. Save time, money and security is priceless.

System Administrators and support technicians save your time!

  • Intutive jump server ssh interface in cli to easily access servers.
  • Root password management for servers.
  • SSH user access control
  • User ssh logs for better accountability
  • Automated reset of root passwords.
  • Access your server in ssh quickly..
  • Password less control panel login.One click login to WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin or any other control panel and datacenter portal, remote console. It is secure and need not enter password each time.
  • Easy lookup of server details such as NOC, KVM info to open a support ticket or reboot server in case of any issue.
  • Parallel Shell to execute commands on multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Parallel Copy to copy files to multiple servers simultaneously.  For example, copy a new kernel source tarball to 500 servers with the ease and speed of copying to 1 server!
  • Set secure passwords on multiple servers in seconds.
  • Setup SSH authentication key (RSA/DSA) on multiple servers in seconds.
  • Two factor authentication
  • SAML Authentication for gui.
  • Enhanced security prevents hacking, bruteforce etc. further saving a lot of problems and administration time.
  • Automated Switch User so that you dont have to su or sudo or remember the password everytime you login.

Enterprises, Data centers and Hosting companies save your money!

  • Easy management and administration of servers and hardware resources.
  • Easy management and administration of staff - System administrators, Techs - and temporary support personnel such as data center staff with fine grained access control.
  • Manage more number of servers with less number of staff.
  • Fewer hacking  issues due to enhanced security.
  • Easily monitor all activities (including every command typed) of staff on your servers.
  • Redundant, replicated cluster setup for high availability and data safety.
  • Meet various security compliances like PCI DSS 3.2 , HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, GDPR,  ISO 27001 in your Linux Infrastructure