mExec lists

mExec list contains group of servers on which an mExec (parallel) shell would execute each command. You can create and save multiple mExec lists. Every user can create custom mexec lists using server that they have access to. The mExec lists created would be viewable to other users only if the creator of the list decide to set it as public. . However, users cannot edit public mExec lists not owned by them.

View mExec lists
The default view list the mExec lists currently added in.

Add new mExec list

To add a new mExec list, click on the button on the right menu. Give a name and description for your mExec list and select  to make the list public or not. Click save to create the mExec list.

  • Name The name of the mExec list.
  • Description Add notes for your mExec list.
  • Public Allow/Disallow other ezeelogin users to make use of your mexec lists.

Edit & Delete mExec list

To edit the name and description of an mExec list or to change its public status, click on the edit button.To delete an mExec list, click on the delete button.After making changes, click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

Managing Members

To view the servers in your mExec list, click on the  button

To add or edit the members in mExec List, click on the view  button and then select/deselect the members.  When the selection is complete, click on the Save button.