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User prvilege escalation for particular time

How a normal user acquire root privilege for a particular period of time.

A normal user can attain root privilege for particular time if the administrator grants permission , the following are the steps

Note: The server must be added into the Ezeelogin GUI as the root user

1. Enable the sub ssh or the pass user feature to the user , so that the user will be logging into the server as the user you decide 

   refer the following article to know more about sub ssh and pass user through feature

 After enabling the sub ssh feature , the user can access the server only with the limited privilege that the user have.

2. Grant privilege for the user to  view server password  from Access control >> User-action >> enable view server details and view server password

3. From the gateway server login to the particular server's back-end and  type the command " ezinfo "  , you'll see the server details and the password as follows

copy the root password and manually login to the server by the following command


Note: This only works if the admin give privilege to the user to view the sever details