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Create more admin users in jump server?

Create more admin users in jump server?

The admin user account created at the time of installation would the be the user that would have all the privileges and is called ’superadmin’ as it has the privileges to create more users with admin privileges. The superadmin user account cannot be deleted while other admin users can be deleted.

To add more admin users, you can create a new user and add them to the admins group.

  • For security reasons the ’admins’ group by default does not have privileges to any of the ’function/actions’. You would need to explicitly grant these ’actions/functionalities’ to the ’admins’ group which can be done by navigating to ’Access Control’->UserGroup-to-Action’ ->select ’admins’ group->select the ’actions’ and save it.

  • Now login as as the new admin user in the gui and the new user would have all the functionalities that you had granted for the ’admins’ group.