How do i change the web url / uri of my installation?

How do i change the web url of my installation? I'm trying to modify our server so we do not need to reference the /ezlogin at the end of our URL. I modified the apache configs accordingly, however it stops the ezeelogin panel from working.

To change the ezeelogin web url from to

Check the Document Root for the virtual host in apache web configuration file

Document Root /home/mygate/public_html

1. Edit /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf 

Make the following changes from

uri_path /ezlogin
cookie_path /ezlogin
www_folder /home/mygate/public_html/ezlogin


uri_path /
cookie_path /
www_folder /home/mygate/public_html


2. All the ezeelogin web files needs to be copied from folder

/home/mygate/public_html/ezlogin to /home/mygate/public_html/


Again, if you want to access your Ezeelogin installation as

Copy the ezeelogin webfiles from to /home/mygate/public_html/ez from your current location.

Edit the following variable in /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ez.conf

uri_path /ez
cookie_path /ez
www_folder /home/mygate/public_html/ez

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