Intergrate OneLogin SSO with jumpserver

1  Login to OneLogin 

2  Add Application

3  Search for SAML and select OneLogin SAML Test (IdP)

4  Change the Display name and save 

5  Select the configuration tab from the right panel

6. Fill the Application details


     SAML Consumer URL


     SAML Recipient  - Entity ID  ( you can find it from ezeelogin GU > Settings > SAML)

     SAML Single Logout URL - Single Logout Service URL  ( you can find it from ezeelogin GU > Settings > SAML)   


7  Select the SSO tab from the right panel & Copy the Issuer URL and paste it  to Metadata URL  on ezeelogin GUI > Settings > SAML Metadata URL 

8  Click on the fetch button , it will be autofilled the SAML setiing and SAVE it

9  Change Web panel Authentication to SAML from Ezeelogin GUI > Settings > General >Authentication

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