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How to change default global key in Ezeelogin

1.How do I use my custom private/public Key pair to be used as the Global Public key which would be copied over to new servers that i add?

2.How do i change the default Global Public key( Servers->Global Key ( SSH public Key) being used in Ezeelogin by default to logon to servers added in using the  default key?

3.How do i change the default SSH Public Key under Servers->Global Key  


You can add  a customer key pair during installation Only.  It cannot be changed to a custom key pair after installation. Refer this article to regenerate global key  in an already existing installation

You would need to generate your own 4096 bit RSA Keys using ssh-key gen

ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -P <enter-strong-pass> -f /root/test-pvt-key

       Generating public/private rsa key pair.
       Your identification has been saved in /root/test-pvt-key.
      Your public key has been saved in /root/ .

Run the ezeelogin installation package with the following option.

      sh ezlogin_7.1.6.bin -- -help

       -sshkey : Specify the path of SSH private key to be used. Default: generates new key
       -sshkeypass : Specify the password (if any) for SSH private key. Default: no password

sh ezlogin_7.1.6.bin -- -sshkey /root/test-pvt-key -sshkeypass ads*9s798js0sdf9#[email protected]@

Complete the installation. Your custom public key would be used when new servers are added in and would be visible under Servers->Global Key


To change the key pair in an already existing installation, refer  Change default Public/Private Key pair in use . This feature is available only in Ezeelogin Version 7.3.6 and above.