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How to do Port forwarding from jump server to target Linux machine?

How do I Port forward from jump server to target Linux machine added in the bastion host ?

My target linux boxes that I ssh in via ssh jump server also has a web page at port 8443. I would like to forward to it so that I can use my local web

Steps to Acheive this are as follows..

1. SSH into the Ezeelogin jump server 

2. Navigate to the Linux server but don’t ssh into the Linux server.(just select the linux server on ez ssh interface)

3. Press the ’[’ to start setting up the ssh tunnel

4. Enter the "Input listening port on the jump server as 8443"

5. Enter the "Input forwarding port on the target/select server as 8443 as well"

6. Once the above is done, open your browser and on the browser type in your.gatewayip:8443 would work

Check out the video

The video shows how an tunnel to an RDP port 3389 is setup and toward the end the video you would find the ssh tunnel being setup for RDP on windows server on which bitvise sshd server was installed.

Basically, the above video shows how the users is able to connect to a Remote windows server RDP on port 3389, by using your.gateway_ip:3389 using the RDP client on the users desktop.