How to execute command on a custom group of servers? or how do i create a list of servers where i would like to execute my command in parallel?

Mexec List feature lets you create your own custom grouping of servers and then  run your commands using Parallel Shell on it.

  1. Create your custom group using the mExec lists feature.



2. Select server into the custom group 'my-kernel-update-list'



Note:  For a regular user to access the mExec list, make sure to grant privilege on the parallel shell and view mExec list.


Click on the Access control >> user action >> select user, give privilege on the parallel shell and view mExec list.


You can add a server in more than one mExec lists groups. ie, server 1 can be in mExec lists group 1 and group 2. 


3. Login to the ssh backend interface and navigate to the multi-server menu and you would see the group 'my-kernel-update-list'. Hit enter



4. Enter the command uptime in the command line to get it executed across the server in the group 'my  kernel update list'






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