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COVID-19 Update

We are closely monitoring the situation arising from the outbreak  of COVID 19 virus. We are making sure that we can do what we can to stop the  virus from spreading. The well being of our employees are very important and  so are the  services and support that we deliver to our customers.
We are following the various instructions issued by the   government  on travel, social gathering and also have implemented the  various preventive measures as  recommended by the health authorities.
So far the number of cases reported are manageable but growing.  Currently, the entire state has been locked down, ie no more incoming flights, stringent screening  for incoming passengers, public gathering has been banned, malls have been shut , schools and colleges have been shut.
We hope that by going through this period of intense caution and alertness , we will be able to  identify and quarantine every possible case of infection and to break the chain of virus transmission.
We would  like to assure you that our operations  and services will not be affected as  we have already prepared ourselves to deal with any contingencies that may arise. Employees are prepared to  work from remote locations/home should a case arise. Therefore, our services will remain unaffected and uninterrupted .  We would be operating as normal 24/7/365.
We have our fingers crossed and are closely watching the situation. 
Stay safe, Stay Strong.
Ezeelogin Team