API Settings

An API script /usr/local/ezlogin/ezapi.php and another one /usr/local/ezlogin/ezwapi.php (which uses the new web based API) are provided for automating server add/edit/delete tasks in Ezeelogin. This script can be used in WHMCS so that server are automatically added into Ezeelogin as soon as it is added into WHMCS.

Once enabled

  • New API code Enter new API code to change existing one.
  • Confirm new API code Confirm the new API code.
  • New API secret Enter the new API secret to change the existing one.
  • Confirm new API secret Confirm the new API secret.
  • Password Enter the current password to validate the operation to be performed.


If the two factor authentication match, the new API code and/or secret provided will be updated and a message will be displayed. Otherwise the form will be redisplayed with the error message.

If no code or secret was entered, only enable API setting will be updated.