Configure Ldap to  use LDAP/AD authentication for the web interface. Once this is configured, set the WebPanel Authentication to  LDAP and  users in your  LDAP/AD server can login.

  • LDAP URI(s)  Specify URI(s) referring to the ldap server(s); a list of URI, separated by space; only the protocol/host/port fields are allowed. e.g., ldaps://host.com:636/
  • LDAP Start TLS Enable Start Tls ( for secure connection).
  • LDAP Base The base DN to search from.
  • LDAP Bind RDN RDN used to Bind to LDAP. Leave it empty for anonymous bind.
  • LDAP Bind Password Password for RDN used to bind to LDAP. Leave it empty for anonymous bind.
  • LDAP UID AttributeThe UID attribute for user
  • LDAP Filter LDAP search filter.
  • LDAP Last Name Attribute LDAP attibute for lasname of the user.
  • LDAP Email Attribute LDAP attribute for email of the user
  • LDAP Group Attribute LDAP attribute for user group. A group in the same name as its in LDAP server should be created within the gui so that when a user is imported, its auto assigned to the same group in gui.
  • Windows Active Directory  Specify wether LDAP server is windows based Active Directory server. Disable if its an OpenLDAP server.

Note: The above settings does not authenticate ezeelogin shell users via LDAP, for that pam_ldap based authentication needs to be configured in pam on  the ezeelogin ssh gateway server server. Contact ezeelogin support team for getting this done on your server.

Example of an Windows Active Directory server.

Add multiple ldap servers

Click on the add button on the right side to add in multiple ldap servers.