7.24.1                 (January 2021)

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.24.0                 (January 2021)

  • Force a user to change password on the next login.
  • Notifications for failed logins and account suspension.
  • Support logout from Web GUI even if no logout URL is provided by SAML IDP.
  • Support internal authentication as well (configurable) when using SAML authentication.
  • Option to export activity logs from web panel.
  • Option to download the SSH log file from web panel.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.23.0                 (October 2020)

  • Ability to upgrade secondary node seamlessly without re-installation.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.22.0                 (August 2020)

  • SSH to remote target servers by providing the remote ssh username and password on prompt.
  • Advanced web proxy with support for CSRF enabled portals.
  • Ability to annotate SSH/RDP logs.
  • Ability to update unmanaged Sub-SSH user credentials.
  • Support for adding IP ranges in Allowed IPs for user.
  • Internal command “ezexit” in ezsh to force exit from remote shell.
  • Show license source - where the license was loaded from
  • Improve alignment of server fields.
  • Included RDP port in server export.
  • Updated new helpdesk and knowledgebase links.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.21.0                 (May 2020)

  • Updated libraries for supporting latest node versions.
  • Updated web panel framework.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.20.3        (May 2020)

  • Allow hyphen and underscore in usernames.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.20.2        (May 2020)

  • Updated libraries for supporting latest node versions
  • Updated web panel framework
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.20.2        (May 2020)

  • Allow hyphen and underscore in usernames
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.20.2        (May 2020)

  • MySQL 8.X support.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.20.1                (April 2020)

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.20.0                (March 2020)

  • Enable CSRF, Content Security Policy etc. on web panel for improved security.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.

7.19.0                (February 2020)

  • Update libraries to the latest versions
  • Fix MySQL SSL on MySQL 5.7 and above and MariaDB
  • Support for the latest encryption algorithms and keys
  • Dropped the support for installation on 32 bit systems
  • Dropped the support for installation on FreeBSD system
  • Remove the WHM APIs v1 deprecated by Cpanel.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

7.18.0        (December 2019)

  • ACL for scp, sftp and mosh to the gateway (aka bastion host)

7.17.8                (November 2019)

  • ACL for controlling ssh gateway users actions such as scp, sftp and mosh.

7.17.4        (November 2019)

  • Bug fixes

7.17.3        (November 2019)

  • Bug fixes

7.17.2                (November 2019)

  • Bug fix in enable mode for switches and routers.

7.17.1                (November 2019)

  • Improved MySQL SSL connection.

7.17.0                (October 2019)

  • Updated jQuery to the latest 3.x
  • Removed bundled user manual.

7.16.0                (September 2019)

  • Reverse proxy support for web portals. Supports accessing web portals which are behind the bastion host gateway, complete request and response audit logs, and also more secure since the credentials don’t travel through the user browser.
  • Chroot environment for SCP and SFTP.
  • Removed deprecated ezapi script.
  • MySQL server dependency changed to 5.5 and above.

7.15.9                (July 2019)

  • Saml bug fix

7.15.8                (July 2019)

  • Security updates

7.15.7                (July 2019)

  • Security enhancement

7.15.6                (July 2019)

  • Usergroup-Servergroup ACL bug fixed

7.15.5                (July 2019)

  • Default theme change
  • Finer access control to ACLs.
  • Global setting to always delete remote users home directory when deleting managed Sub SSH User

7.15.4                (June 2019)

  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.15.3          (June 2019)

  • Enforce 2FA on usergroup.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.15.2                (May 2019)

  • Added ACL for restricting ezsh shell access

7.15.1                (May 2019)

  • Remote system user group for sub-ssh users.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.15.0                (May 2019)

  • Supports cluster on AWS EC2 instance with RDS database
  • Message of the day (MOTD) on SSH gateway
  • Ability to view own SSH and RDP recordings
  • SSH as non privileged user on per user basis
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.14.0                (April 2019)

  • Support to add remote servers that has OTP prompts on SSH
  • User pass through support for RDP
  • Option to include custom fields in server listing
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.13.0                (February 2019)

  • Multiple LDAP support for user import and authentication

7.11.0                (January 2019)

  • Radius authentication support
  • Privilege escalation support in parallel and virtual shells
  • Enable/disable specific two factor authentication mechanisms for the user
  • Minimum requirements settings for auto generated passwords
  • Improved server details display in web panel
  • ACL for deleting SSH session logs and RDP recordings
  • General settings reorganised with separate tab for two factor authentication
  • Password policy enforcement
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

7.10.0                (December 2018)

  • RDP session recording and playback.
  • Reorganized global settings.
  • New global default settings for server prompts.
  • Custom default theme.
  • Updated Web SSH.
  • Updated Yubikey 2FA library.
  • Show all details with better formatting when expanding a server in web panel server list.
  • Updated web panel framework.
  • Improved house keeping script for log deletion
  • Bug fixes

7.9.2                (November 2018)

  • Bug fixes.

7.9.1                (November 2018)

  • Bug fixes.

7.9.0                (October 2018)

  • Support new license server.

7.8.0                (September 2018)

  • Improved saving SSH keys.

7.7.1                (August 2018)

  • Bug fix in Server clone feature during server additions.

7.7.0                (August 2018)

  • User pass through now lets you ssh to remote server as the same gateway user itself.
  • Envionment variables transfer to remote servers
  • Bug fixes.


  • IPv6 support.
  • Support for adding multiple server entries with the same IP address.
  • Bug fixes.


  • reCAPTCHA v2 and Invisibe reCAPTCHA support.
  • Change Notifications.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Browser based terminal for SSH
  • SAML Authentication
  • Four eyes authorization
  • Tunnel host support for RDP
  • Several bug fixes


  • Several bug fixes
  • Changed Ezeelogin cluster key from DSA to RSA


  • Windows server support (RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol).
  • Contol panel auto login using Chrome extension (support for login forms with CSRF token).
  • Option to set a webportals as private.
  • Provision to import and export webportals.
  • Access control option for viewing super groups.
  • More control panels included by default.


  • Bug fix release


  • SSH User - Ezeelogin user can login to a server as a different user other than root. Admin can configure this
  • Duo Security - Now you can use Duo Security two-factor authentication to login to Ezeelogin
  • IPMI auto login for servers
  • Clone server - Auto fill details from already added server
  • Key management  - Store SSH private key so that it can be used for adding server with private key
  • Easy to configure MySQL SSL support for encrypting master-slave communication
  • Several bug fixes


  • Support for adding server with SSH private key
  • Several bug fixes


  • Bug fix release


  • WHM functions directly from web panel with fine grained access control. No need to login to WHM any more for most of the activities
  • Expire user password after configured number of days forcing the user to change to a password which has not been used recently (for PCI compliance)
  • Support web proxy for fetching license from ezeelogin license server on servers behind firewall not having the option to allow direct access
  • Support for dual YubiKey per account
  • Improved security by avoiding the need for url_fopen to be enabled in PHP configuration
  • Several bug fixes


  • Bug fix release


  • Bug fix release


  • Bug fix release


  • Bug fix release


  • Bug fix release


  • Secure auto-login to WHM with pre-authenticated URL using CPanel LogMeIn facility. Supports redirection to account cpanel.
  • Clone web portals to quickly add same or similar portals with different username and password
  • Support login to server control panel running on another host
  • Separate Use DNS setting for control panel auto-login and SSH login
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix release


  • Custom fields with encryption support for servers
  • Domain lookup from server list in web panel
  • CSV header for server import/export
  • HMAC for sessions instead of MD5 for improved security
  • Fixed bug in automatic password setup when a server is initially added
  • Fixed errors in some input validation rules
  • Fixed an error in content pane rendering in web panel
  • Fixed cluster license verification


  • Bug fix release


  • Login to any web portal at the click of a button
  • Per user access control to web portals
  • Fixed some input validation issues in web panel
  • Fixed internal commands parameter issue in shell
  • Fixed display of data center in shell


  • YubiKey two factor authentication
  • Auto refresh screen in ezeelogin shell on window resize
  • Keep advanced section expanded on server edit
  • Fixed server group display when using ezinfo internal command with server hostname as parameter
  • Fixed hostname validation


  • Fixed bug in setting up 2-factor authentication key when it is not already set for a user


  • Fixed bug in user password reset
  • Fixed license and help pages viewing on slave node
  • Stronger password hashing algorithms for user password and security code when available
  • Option for background color with out background image in theme
  • Expand server groups to view list of accessible servers in the group


  • Lock out user after specified number of days of inactivity (for PCI compliance)
  • Fixed bug in server import
  • Fixed bug in server edit - cannot disable sudo
  • Fixed user add on latest Debian based servers
  • Fixed control panel and datacenter login on nginx web servers
  • Russian language support for web panel