What is Ezeelogin ?

It is a SSH Jump server  (also called “Bastion Host” or “Jump host”) software solution that can be deployed on premise to secure IT infrastructure.  The solution facilitates securing of SSH access to remote devices such as Linux servers, Routers, Switches and more. The ssh gateway solution has features like 2 factor authentication, SAML Authentication, SSH session recording, Identity and Access management (IAM), RBAC, Privileged Access management (PAM), SSH key rotation, root password management, and much more. The gateway solution will help enterprises  meet security compliances such as PCI, NIST, ISO 27001, HIPPA and more, quickly.

System Administrators and Security Engineers save your time and improve security !

  • Intutive jump server ssh interface in cli to easily access servers.
  • Root password management for servers.
  • SSH user access control
  • Record staff ssh sessions for better accountability
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Automated reset of root passwords.
  • Access your server in ssh quickly..
  • Password less control panel login.One click login to WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin or any other control panel and datacenter portal, remote console. It is secure and need not enter password each time.
  • Easy lookup of server details such as NOC, KVM info to open a support ticket or reboot server in case of any issue.
  • Parallel Shell to execute commands on multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Parallel Copy to copy files to multiple servers simultaneously.  For example, copy a new kernel source tarball to 500 servers with the ease and speed of copying to 1 server!
  • Set secure passwords on multiple servers in seconds.
  • Setup SSH authentication key (RSA/DSA) on multiple servers in seconds.
  • Two factor authentication ( Google 2FA, Yubikey, DUO Security)
  • SAML Authentication in gui.
  • Raidus Authentication in gui
  • Enhanced security prevents hacking, bruteforce etc. further saving a lot of problems and administration time.
  • Automated Switch User so that you dont have to su or sudo or remember the password everytime you login.

Enterprises, Data centers and Hosting companies save your money!

  • Easy management and administration of servers and hardware resources.
  • Easy management and administration of staff - System administrators, Techs - and temporary support personnel such as data center staff with fine grained access control.
  • Manage more number of servers with less number of staff.
  • Fewer hacking  issues due to enhanced security.
  • Easily monitor all activities (including every command typed) of staff on your servers.
  • Redundant, replicated cluster setup for high availability and data redundancy.
  • Meet various security compliances like PCI DSS 3.2 , HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, GDPR,  ISO 27001 in your Linux Infrastructure

Whats new!

Web panel

  • More secure keys
  • Windows server support (RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Control panel auto login using Chrome extension (support for login forms with CSRF token)
  • Set access to webportals as private.
  • Provision to inport and export webportals.
  • Show/Hide super groups.
  • Extra default control panels.
  • SSH User - Ezeelogin user can login to a server as a different user other than root. Admin can configure this
  • Duo Security - Now you can use Duo Security two-factor authentication to login to Ezeelogin
  • IPMI auto login for servers
  • Clone server  - Auto fill details from already added server
  • Key management - Store SSH private key so that it can be used for adding server with private key
  • Easy to configure MySQL SSL support for encrypting master-slave communication
  • Revamped interactive user interface
  • Two factor authentication using YubiKey, Google Authenticator or access keyword (PCI compliance)
  • Lock out user after configured number of days of inactivity  (PCI compliance)
  • Theme and branding
  • Multiple LDAP server support for high availability
  • Bulk import LDAP users
  • Auto-setup local user with group from LDAP on initial LDAP authentication
  • Added predefined settings for SolusVM and DirectAdmin control panels
  • Allow same private IP address on multiple servers
  • MySQL over SSL for cluster
  • IP manager removed. Multiple IPs can now be managed in server itself
  • Per server override for use dns setting
  • Login to any web portals at the click of a button just like you login to control panels and data center portals
  • Custom fields with encryption support for servers
  • Secure auto-login to WHM with pre-authenticated URL using CPanel LogMeIn facility having support for redirection to account cpanel
  • WHM functions directly from web panel with fine grained access control
  • Expire user password after configured number of days (PCI compliance)
  • Support for adding server with SSH private key
  • SAML Authentication for the webpanel
  • RADIUS Authentication for webpanel.
  • Four Eyes Authorization for viewing recorded ssh sessions( PCI compliance)
  • Browser based ssh terminal
  • Tunnel Host for RDP

Ezeelogin Backend Shell( EZSH )

  • New cleaner menu system with SSH & SCP right from server listing
  • Option to use two factor authentication using YubiKey, Google Authenticator or access keyword instead of security code
  • Copy file from gateway to single server right from server listing
  • Enhanced LDAP functionality
  • Sudo support
  • New internal command ezcp to recursively copy (using SFTP) directory or file from one server to another accessible server via gateway.
  • View details of other accessible servers as well with ezinfo internal command
  • Complete static binary without Glibc dependency for Linux systems


  • New web based API
  • PHP API library to integrate with other applications