Web Portals

This would list the online webportals that has been configured for passwordless login with just one click. The view would show the login url and login credentials. In order to hide these from the view of a user , use access control to disable view.

  • Edit To edit or view settings of a webportal, click on the edit for the selected  control panel.
  • Delete  Click on  the delete icon   to remove a webportal.
  • Login  Click on    for passwordless login.

To add a new webportal, click the on the right menu and to delete a webportal click   .

The picture below shows the list of a user with the view disabled.The user can however login into the portal. Note that the ezeelogin user would be able to tap into his browser session and view the login information. This feature should not be used to hide the login information from a users. In order to truly hide the information, the ezeelogin user should not have passwordless access to the portal. This is a limitation at the moment.


  • Note:
    • This is a convenience feature that lets you login with one click( without having to type in the username and password) each time. This feature should not be used as a mechanism to hide the portal login credentials from other ezeelogin users that has login access. The password are however stored encrypted in the database.
    • This feature maynot work with all online webportal available on the internet due to the different security mechanism implemented. Two popular portal has been preset which may be viewed as reference for adding other online portals.