SCP log

The SCP activity log show the details on file transfers done using  parallel copy feature in ezsh. You can search based on user, server and date range.

  • User The ssh jump server user who perform the scp file transfer from the gateway.
  • Source  The source server from which the file is transfferred
  • Destination The destination server where the file is received.
  • Source file path The source file path
  • Destination file path The destination file path
  • Start Time The time at which the file transfer was initiated
  • End Time The time at  which the file transfer was completed
  • Time taken The total time taken for the scp file transfer
  • Size  The size of the files transfferred in MB
  • Speed The speed at which the file was transfferred
  • Status The status of the file transfer
  • Actions  To delete the scp log file.