RDP Recording

Search and Playback  RDP sessions that are performed using the browser based rdp feature. Press the space bar key on your keyboad to pause and play the recording.Press the number keys from 1 to 9( similar to 1x,2x....till 9x.Press 0 for 0.5x ) for varying the playback speeds.

  • User The name of the user whose logs has to be found or searched. All means, it would search for the RDP Session recordings of  all the Ezeelogin Users.
  • Server The server hostnames where the rdp session recordings has to be searched to narrow down your search. All, means it would search all servers.
  • From Select the starting date for which the rdp session recordings has to be searched
  • To Select the ending date  for which the rdp sessions recordings has to be searched
  • RDP User Refers to the rdp User used  to login into the remote windows desktop
  • Time Refers to the time at which the rdp session was initiated
  • Actions Click the view button to view the rdp recordings.