SSH log

Keeps a log for all actions performed by the Users in the ezeelogin shell and provides an interface to view and search through the activities of all  ezeelogin.


  • User The name of the user whose logs has to be found or searched. All means, it would search for the ssh logs of  all the Ezeelogin Users.
  • Server The server hostnames whose logs has to be searched to narrow down your search. All, means it would search all servers.
  • Log content  The string that has to be found in the logs.
  • Log type
    • SSH Input  This log  contains only the keystrokes of the SSH User in ssh.
    • SSH OutputThis log contains both the keystrokes as well as the outputs of any commands executed on server.
    • mExec output This log contains the output of command executed via the parallel/mExec shell.
    • mCopy status This log contain details of files that was transfferred from the shell to other servers using parallel/mCopy.
  • Log Content  Enter the string that needs to be searched for in the ssh logs.
  • From Select the starting date for which the ssh log logs has to be searched
  • To Select the ending date  for which the ssh log logs has to be searched
  • Rows per page The number of rows of results to be displayed per page.
  • Select the User, Log type, From and To dates. If you need to search for a string in the content of the log file, give the string in Log content. If you need to search for a string in the target server hostnames, give the string and click on . Click on to start again.

SSH Logs

  • User  ssh gateway username whose ssh session was recorded.
  • SSH User The remote ssh user that the gateway user had logged in into the remote target server.
  • Server  Remote server name for which the ssh session was recorded.
  • Log type Log type of the recorded ssh session.
  • Status  
    • Active Ongoing ssh session to the remote server. Active ssh sessions can be streamed in real time.
    • Ended  The ssh session to the remote server has ended.
  • Encryption Wether the recorded ssh session file is stored encrypted on the server. Value '1' means its encrypted and '0' means unencrypted
  • Time The time at which the ssh gateway user had logged into the remote target server via ssh.
  • mExec ID The identifier when command are executed on a custom group of servers.
  • Actions
    • View  To view the ssh activities of the recorded ssh session
    • Download  Download the ssh session as txt file
    • Edit    To add comments on the selected ssh session.
    • Delete To delete the recorded ssh session selected
  • Login Time The time at which the remote ssh user logged in via ssh onto the remote target server.
  • Logout Time The time at which the remote ssh user logged out of the remote target server.
  • Status Indicates wether the ssh gateway user was able to login successully onto the remote target server via ssh.
  • Comments Displays the comments added about the ssh session selected.

Real time ssh log Streaming

Click to see in real time what the users are doing in ssh on the servers. The refresh interval can be set between 1-5 seconds. The smaller the value, faster the refresh..Click to stop.

Note: This streaming option is visible only for Active or ongoing ssh sessions.

The disable streaming button becomes visible once streaming is enabled.

Note - Streaming works only if Encyrpt SSH logs is set to disabled.