Sub SSH User Maps

Create a map for  ssh gateway Users to Sub SSH Users while accessing servers in a  Server group.

For example, you could create a mapping such  that a  ssh gateway User ‘John’ in the User Group ‘SystemAdmin’ would always login into the server “” in the Server Group ‘webservers' as the Sub SSH User ‘admin’ alone.

To view the mapped user group, click on the Sub SSH User Maps tab

  • User Group  The name of User Group. (Click able tab for sorting.)
  • Server Group  The name of server group. (Click able tab for sorting.)
  • Sub SSH User name The name of Sub SSH User. (Click able tab for sorting.)
  • Action Contain operators for various operations (icons from left to right)

    • Edit Lets you edit all info pertaining to the sub ssh user map.
    • Delete Lets you delete saved sub ssh user map.

  • Find  Lets you search for user group based on various parameters such as server group, Sub SSH User name.