User groups

User Groups, as the name suggest is a group of users of having similar properties addressed by a group name. The group name is used in AccesssControl to allow/deny access to various servers,features and other parameters. The default view list the usergroups.

  • User Group Name The name of the User group.
  • Description Brief description about the User Group
  • Priority When a user  belonging to multiple groups in Active Directory is imported via LDAP, then this field would determine the group ownership of such a user imported based on the priority assigned.
  • Actions
    • edit Use this to alter the properties of the User group. Admins group cannot be edited.
    • View users in this group Use this to view the members of the User group.
    • Delete  To delete the User group.You can only delete empty user groups. That is user groups with no users in it. If the user group is not empty, Ezeelogin will return to the user group list and displays an error that the group is not empty. Otherwise, a confirmation screen will be displayed. Also “Admins” group cannot be deleted.

Adding a new User group.

Click on the add button on the right menu and it opens up the form for adding the new UserGroup. Click on the edit button to edit the UserGroups properties and use the delete button to delete a UserGroup.