Display the list of users using the ezeelogin ssh gateway server.

  • UserName The name of the user having access to the ezeelogin ssh gateway server.(Click tab to sort)
  • FirstName The first name of user.
  • LastName The last name.
  • Email email address
  • Status
    • Active The user account is active.
    • Suspended The user account is disabled and will not be able to access the ezeelogin ssh gateway server.
  • UserGroup The group that the user belongs to.
  • Action
    • Use this to restore the users original access control privileges(which would be that of the Usergroup that the user belongs to) when this was overidden manually.
    • edit
      Use this to edit the properties of the User.
    • Reset password
    • Delete
      Use this to delete the user from the ezeelogin ssh gateway server. If you want to delete multiple users, check the select boxes on the left of the users in the user list you wish to delete, click