Add Backup Destination

Create a backup destination and save it to a configuration file.

  • Back Destination Name The name of the backup destination.
  • Disabled The value determines whether the backup is disabled or not. Value 'Yes' means backup is disabled.
  • Transport Type  The type of backup transport (Eg: FTP, Local, Amazon S3)
  • Upload System Backup The value determines whether the system backup will be uploaded or not. Value 'Yes' means system backup will be uploaded.
  • Timeout In Seconds  The timeout of backup transport in seconds(Eg: FTP Time out).
  • Remote Host The hostname of backup server.
  • Remote Server Account Username The username of backup user on backup server.
  • Port The port number backup transport.
  • Remote Server Account Password The password of backup user.
  • Backup Directory Full path to backup directory.
  • Passive The value determines whether FTP is Passive or Active. Value 'Yes' means FTP is Passive.