Help Menu

  • F1 or +  Displays the help menu in ezeelogin shell.

  • F2 or #(View/chat authrized ssh key) Change the ssh authorization keys to access the ezeelogin ssh gateway server using ssh keys without being prompted for the password.
  • F3 or | (About) Display information on the current running version of ezeelogin.
  • F4 or !(Exit) To logout from the ezeelogin shell.
  • F5 or =(Refresh current list) To refresh the current ezeelogin shell interface so that the latest changes can be seen.
  • F6 or _(Group menu) To switch to the menu mode where the Server Groups would be listed.
  • F7 or *(Multi-server menu) To view and select the group of servers on which multi server operations such as parallel execution of  commands, parallel copy of files , and sequential execution of commands  on group of servers.
  • F8 or /(Interactive shell)  To view and select the mExec list of servers on which command has to be executed interactively.
  • F9 or %(Secure copy) To copy file to a single or group of server or  to a list of servers simultaneously.
  • F10 or , To switch between various modes of searching in ezeelogin shell while on the SeverGroup menu mode or while the servers are listed.
  • F11 or ]  Enter the domain to ssh directly into the server hosting the domain.
  • F12 or \ To navigate back to the previous menu.

Press any key on your keyboard to close the help screen.