Parallel copy

To perform parallel copy, enter the  Multi-server menu (press F7 key or * on your keyboard) to get the lists of server or different server groups. Select the  mexec list/ group of server to which the files needs to be copied. After the group/mexec list is choosen, press F9 key (or assigned key) on your keyboard. Select the list or group of servers to which you need to copy and press Enter key. You get the Multi-server copy prompt.

Enter the source file name relative to your home directory (in the ezeelogin ssh gateway server) at the first prompt and the remote destination file name with absolute path (starting with '/'). The source file will be copied to all the servers in the selected list/group in parallel and output will be displayed one after the other. The server hostname on which the command was executed will be highlighted followed by the command execution and result for each server in the mExec list/ ServerGroup.

To quit from the Multi-server copy, type “exit” and press 'Enter' key or press 'Crtl+d' (hold down 'Ctrl' key and press 'd')

If the copy needs long time due to size of file, live status can be viewed in the web panel. See Viewing SSH logs, mExec outputs and mCopy status.