User to  Users Actions

Enables/disable/control  features or operations that a user is able to perform in Users section in web interface.

User list                            Ability to view the Userlist

Add user                            Ability to add a user

Edit user                            Ability to edit a user

Delete user                            Abiltiy to delete a user

Group list                            Ability to view the group list

Add user group                Ability to add a usergroup

Edit user group                Ability to edit a usergroup

Delete user group                Ability to delete a usergroup

View SSH log                        Ability to view ssh logs

View SCP log                        Ability view  scp logs

Web activity                        Ability to view web activity logs

Shell Activity                        Ability to view shell activity

Server Activity                Ability to view server activity

User Status                          Ability to view user status

Work summary                Ability to view work summary

User status                            Users status

Four eyes authorization privilege  User will able to view logs only when he is authorized by another user