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What is ezeelogin?

It is a secure ssh gateway software that helps you configure your own custom linux based ssh jump host. The ssh jump server would be the centralised gateway through which all your system administrators and technical support staff would access your Linux production servers via ssh. The ssh gateway software comes with tons of security features and automations which would help you manage and administrate hundreds of Linux servers and thus saves any company thousands of dollars in security and costly sys-admin hours. View video

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Why do you need ezeelogin?


Time savings!

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Money Savings!

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Manage Server infrastructure Easily!

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Meet Security Compliances!

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Meet PCI DSS 3.2 Security Standards in your Linux Infrastructure quickly

pci security

Ezeelogin ssh gateway introduces strict security measures for your system administrators and support staff while accessing your Linux nodes in production. The centralised server management architecture that the ssh gateway brings in would easily enable an enterprise running hundreds of Linux nodes be PCI DSS 3.2 compatible very quickly.