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With businesses increasing their online presence, it led to a boom in usage of computing resources across the globe. The need of the hour was to meet various security compliances such as, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001, GDPR , HIPAA, FFIEC, NIST, FedRamp, SOC, SOX and much more. The IT security compliances brought with it improved security but to meet them was not easy. Tons of reports were to be generated and stored every year to stay compliant. As we were cyber security specialists,we saw the huge possibilities and thus the journey began…


Ezeelogin Meet PCI DSS 3.2

Ezeelogin ssh jump server introduces security measures for your system administrators and support staff while accessing your Linux servers, Routers , Switches , Cloud instances in production. The centralised server management architecture that the ssh jump server  brings in would easily enable an enterprise secure their IT Infrastructure and meet PCI DSS and others security compliances very quickly.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Bachchan James


Sunjith Sukumaran


Kevin Elias Thomas


Dennis Samuel John


Bidhu P M

Sr. Project Manager

Vinod K V

Director (Finance)

Muhammed Rafi

Sr. Accountant

George Varkey

Sr. Administrator

Manu Chacko

Sr. Systems Engineer

Dinesh Kumar

Sr. UI / UX Designer


Sr. QA and Trainer

Roshan Mathew

Sr. Software Engineer

Nesvin K N

Sr. Systems Engineer

Jisna Joseph

Sr. Systems Engineer

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