Jump server loved by the enterprises.

Swiss knife for Devops engineers and Linux system administrators

What is ezeelogin?

Secure and Quick SSH access to multiple linux servers

It is a self hosted Jump server solution ( also called a Bastion Host / Jump host /JumpBox ) to access your remote servers or cloud containers or instances. In addition to being a central login server it has features like  parallel shell, ssh key management, ssh session recording,role based access control, multi factor authentication which help you acheive compliance like pci dss, hippa,ISO 27001 and more.


Why do you need a Jump server?

Secure & manage ssh access to remote servers.

Our jump server software would help you administer and control ssh access of your  system administrators and Devops engineers to  remote Linux servers, AWS  instances or cloud containers very quickly.  The Jump host software has an intuitive interface to access remote server quickly via ssh. The jump server would save you thousands of hours in time and security.

How secure is the Jump server?

Military grade security technologies

Security is of paramount importance. Latest encryption technologies such as sha256, SHA256, BLOWFISH or DES, AES have been used to ensure that the jumpbox is indeed a unbreakable fortress. We have made sure that your remote servers / instances  are not compromised even if somebody get root access to the jump server.

jump server security

Access your server information quickly

Server information at your fingertips

You can now access server details such as root password, server ip,SSH port number, hardware information such as cpu, ram, motherboard, hardrive, raid , Rack id,data center details, kvm information with a single key press…

Parallel Shell

Execute commands on multiple linux servers

Parallel shell allows quick and easy execution of commands on multiple linux servers of your choice simultaneously.This would save you lot of costly system administration hours. Now run commands on multiple linux servers with the ease and speed of doing on one server…

record ssh session

Record SSH Session

Monitor & record your staff activities in SSH

Recording ssh sessions of your devops engineers , system administrators or developers is now just a click away. Various security compliance such as pci dss, hippa, sox , soc2, ffiec, nerc requires you to maintain the ssh logs for forensic audits. The intuitive interface lets you search through the complete ssh recordings of the user. Also, you can watch the users ssh activities in real time as well.

2 Factor Authentication in SSH

Google Authenticator, Yubikey, DUO Security

The ssh interface and the gui is now fortified with multi factor authentication mechanism such as Google Authenticator, Yubikey and DUO Security to ensure that access to your Linux containers are bullet proof. This help in meeting compliance like PCI, ISO 27001,

two factor authentication

Identity & Access Management

Active Directory, LDAP, Openldap, SAML Authentication

Role based Access control to decide which ssh users gets access to which servers and as what users. This is important as users with root access can do anything. This is also called Privileged Access Management. This is an important   requirement for meeting compliances like PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and much more.

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